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What do a 30-story office tower, a handbag and an online platform have in common?


Hi, I am Ali Khan.
I'm a UX / UI  designer
based in Switzerland.

Utilizing my unique background of working in the architecture and design industry for over a decade, I am now focused on creating meaningful digital experiences through UX design.

In the recent past I have worked with BCG (Boston consulting group) on their carbon accounting software for large enterprises to reduce the effects of global warming. I have also worked with Seervision to explore various possibilities for AV event production automation through computer vision.


Currently I am involved in the healthcare industry with Dentsply Sirona, streaming lining the dental workflow for dentists and integrating hardware-software hybrid workflows on the cloud.

I like to make educational Youtube videos and give design workshops to students in my spare time.

I reside in Bern Switzerland and work in Zurich.

I am an enthusiastic and passionate product designer who enjoys the challenge of transforming complex workflows across several industries into elegant UX/UI solutions.

You will find me working on products that are focused on impacting conventional workflows and have the potential of making lives "just a little" better for users.

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UX Case studies

Featured UX Case studies

MacBook Pro 16-hero01-white.jpg

Aird: An event and video production management toolkit


Seervison invested in expanding upstream to investigate event management and video production management through a secondary product called "Aird".

The product vision was to create an intuitive communication system within event production to foster mutual understanding between teams and control turbulent information flow between event managers and video production teams.

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laptop-graphic-01-no backgorund.jpg

Banjaiga: Creating happiness in the construction industry

Banjaiga is an online marketplace connecting various stakeholders in the local construction industry.

Going beyond listing services, products and connecting various stakeholders online, the vision was to build a platform that could offer more value to the community. However, we discovered that users had different expectations from the platform that allowed us to redesign the experience based on user feedback.

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iPhone Xs-UL-02-white.jpg

Ustaad Log: fostering a mentoring platform


UstaadLog is an on-demand, peer-to-peer mentoring platform.
Going beyond the mentoring aspect, we discovered that many mentors and potential mentees were not necessarily interested in an exchange as a learning experience but rather expected a problem-solving experience.

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Tablets With Pencil-bee-white.jpg

Beee: a social feedback platform


Originally conceived as a tool to collect feedback, pivoted into a social platform

based on opinions. We wanted to determine if the creative industry would use the product to receive feedback/input on shared work. This case study outlines how we discovered that we had to reposition the product offering based on design thinking and rapid prototyping.

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Render Genius: B2B 3d artists

Render Genius needed to realign its value proposition to stand out from the crowded “Freelancers on-demand” marketplaces.

More importantly, they wanted to build a stronger brand that would attract the best 3D designers ad technicians to ensure large product design and architectural companies would become long-term B2B clients of the platform.

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Bern, Switzerland

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